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Since February 2022 I've been printing a selection of my photos I want to keep as a printed archive and that outlives me. At the end, I expect to have around 300 photos printed in A3+ and ANSI C sizes. Some of them, very few, will be smaller. Some panoramas will be longer (the printer's paper limit is 17" wide and around 40" long).
I am using a Canon Image Prograf PRO-1000 (pigment inks) and Hahnemühle papers, so far. Printed photos are fixed to a mounting board using mounting corners. Then, they are stored in boxes. All materials are archival quality.
Selection of the photos to be printed started, actually, many years ago, although it is not a closed list. During the review I can find new candidates, remove some of the previously chosen and re process some of the photos to take advantage of new tools or knowledge. 
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