Vasabron and Strömborg across the water and the fog

This is the beggining of our boat journey. We will be briefly riding a kayak to overcome the small diffeerence in altitude between the lake Mälaren and the Baltic sea.

Stadshuset from Riskbron

We will meet it again
The AF Chapman in a moonlight bath

From Strömbron. The Chapman is a ship moored on the western shore of Skeppsholmen. Currently it is a hostel.

Sunrise, Skepsbron and Södermalm

During the darkest days of winter the sunrise is very late. But because of that you can see fantastic dawns and sunrises without waking up extremely early. And there is a bird in the sky

Strandvägen and Östermalm from Skepssbron. In the middle, Skeppsholmbron
Skeppsholmen from Skeppsbron

In the photo Eric Ericsonhallen, Bergrummet and Kungliga Konsthögskolan
Panorama of Skeppsholmen.

From Skeppsbron, in Gamla Stan. The boat is a hostel and is named the Chapman. To the right you can see Kasterlholmen and some structures in Gröna Lund
Mariaberget and Slussen, Södermalm, from Saltsjön
Södermalm from Beckholmssundet

Over the bridge between Djurgården and Beckholmen

Beckholmssundet from the water

The bridge where the previous picture was taken from, connecting Djurgården and Beckholmen

Gamla Stan from Saltsjön. 

The colorful buildings in the left are in Norr Mälarstrand in Kungsholmen (in front of lake Mälaren). The Old buildings in the foreground are located in the island of Gamla Stan, in the street named Skeppsbron. The towers, from left to right, are Riddarholm Kyrka (in Riddarholmen), Stadshuset (in Kungsholmen) and Tyska Kyrkan in Gamla Stan. Barely visible to the right in this photo the tower of Stor Kyrkan (the cathedral).
Katarina kyrka in Södermalm and the southern side of Kastellholmen. Behind the photographer it is Gröna Lund

Eastern side of Kastellholmen

The Swedish flag is quite beautiful
Södermalm, Katarina kyrka and a sailing boat from Djurgården

From the marina behind Nordiska museet, near Vasa museet and in front of the Spirit museet. Katarina kyrkan is visible as in many other pictures of this project
Skyline, Kastellholmen and Södermalm 

A god is talking to somebody. From Djurgården (in front of the Spirit museum).
Strandvägen and Nybroviken

Skeppsbron in Gamla Stan from Nybroviken 

In the middle is Skeppsholmbron and behind the photographer Strandvägen. Below him is the boat and the baltic sea.

Strandvägen and Kaknästornet (TV and radio tower) from Nybrokajen

Strandvägen is the area with the most expensive housing in Stockholm and is a popular strolling area even if the weather is quite cold.
Vasa museet and Nordiska museet from Nybroviken

From one of the boats traveling from Nybrokajen to the archipielago
Nybroviken and Normalm from Strandvägens marina

It is late, the ships and the crews are not working until new tourists arrive the following day.

Skeppsholmen from Stransvägens marina

Partially frozen, the water produces a magic sound when the waves make that the pieces of ice hit each other. Sound like glass or like bells

Lighthship in Skeppsholmen: Fyrskepp 10B Fladen. Photo from Strandvägen. In the middle, Nybroviken
Nybrojajen fron Strandvägens marina
Strandvägen from Djurgården through Djurgårdbrunnsviken

Strandvägen in Östermalm, one of the most photogenic streets in Stockholm, This time with the bridge and the tram in the middle. And, of course, the water.
A man, kayaking, in Djurgårdsbrunnsviken. Far away, Nordiska museet

A lonely kayaker heads toward Nordiska museet (although finally he stopped before in a deck near the US Embassy and in front of the Nobelparken)

The zone of the embassies

From Djurgården, across Djurgårdbrunnsvikken



Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen entering Ibladsbiken, by Blockhussuden

Naturhistoriska museet from Haga Parken through the fog over Brunnsviken

The misty morning gave a misterious look to the already fantastic museum. I chose to convert the picture to a monochrome palette trying to enhance that mistery
Brunnsviken in winter, from Haga Parken

I am always tempted to cross to the other side when the water is frozen
Motor boat in Brunssviken, from Haga Parken
Deck at Brunnsviken, In front, Norra Djurgården
Brunnsviken, panorama. From Bergshamra

During a long walk from Ulriksdal Castle I went by the northern sector of Haga Parken and Brunnsviken in Stockholm. It is Claudia's favorite photo and it was taken with the mobile phone

Ulriksdal slott 

Ulriskdal palace from the frozen Edsviken (a narrow inlet from the Baltic sea) by Danderyd. The camera was at the level of the water, so this is literally a picture from the water.

Nacka and Carl Miles' artwork

The sculpture to the right is the fountain based in a model from Carl Miles currently in Milesgården: God our Father on the Rainbow, 1949

Nacka, Hammarby, Globen and Tele 2 Arena

In the way to Vaxholm it can be seen this view of the southern Stockholm. There are about 14 km from the boat to Globen and Tele 2 Arena 

Vaxholm fortress

The fortress which was already obsolete when they finished it in 1839 as new weapons were available and the walls would not resist them.

A fancy old house in one of the elegant areas in Stockholm, in Djurgården
Södermalm from Saltsjön.

It can be seen Katarina kyrka, Fotografiska museet, Vattentorn, Södra teatern, Tegelvikshamnen and more
Gamla Stan from Saltsjön. 

The Old buildings in the front are in the island of Gamla Stan, in the street named Skeppsbron. The towers, from left to right, are Riddarholm Kyrka (in Riddarholmen), Tyska Kyrkan in Gamla Stan, Stadshuset (in Kungsholmen) and Stor Kyrkan (the cathedral). The massive building to the right is the Royal Palace


And its recognizable crane-giraffe

Djurgården and Kaknästörnet from Saltsjön. 

The beautiful house is the Prince Eugene's museum


Man-made canal, connecting Hammarby sjö and Saltsjö. In the background it can be seen the house of Price Eugene's museum (in other picture in this collection)

Hammarby and Hammarby slope

From Hammarby sjö

Årsta and Globen across Årstaviken. From Tanto

A boat traped until the ice melts while at the background the silohuette of Globen is barely noticeable among the branches
Årstabron, Årstaviken

And the red train that I assumed they painted for the holidays. Maybe that it is not the true but it sounds like a romantic story​​​​​​​

Drottnignholm slott

Where the queen and the king sleep

Bromma from Pampas marina across Ulvsudasjön

Bromma desde Pampas marina a través de Ulvsudasjön

Karlberg slott

From Kungsholmen, near the place of the more delicious ice creams in Stockholm.

Stadshuset (Kungsholmenn), Riddarholmen, Centralbron and Sódermalm from the lake Mälaren

Boats in Mälaren, Riddarholmen and Gamla Stan

It can be seen one of the atractions in Gröna Lund (the amusement park). There are four islands in the middle: Riddarholmen, Gamla Stan, Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen

Norr Mälarstrand and lake Mälaren

From Rolambhovsparken

Mariaberget from Rolambhovsparken

Partially frozen Mälaren and the hill near Slussen, where it is located, for instance, Monteliusvägen. The picture was taken from the shore of Rolambhovsparken

Riddarholmen from Stadshuset during a snowstorm.

The brave boat faces the fog sea

Actually is a fog lake. The same island of Riddarholmen seen before in a snowstorm is now covered by a blanket of fog. The church tower with a needle as lace or macrame is not visible

Stadshusent and Mälaren lake from Norra Järnvägsbron

A less common view of that landmark
Stadshuset from Riddarholmen

A classic view from Stockholm, like a Postcard. It can also be seen Västerbron and Norr Mälarstrand​​​​​​​
Winter sunset (Let me introduce you...)

The towers are Högalids kyrkan in Södermalm, near Hornstull. The picture is from Riddarholmen with the statue in honor to Evert Taube. The lake is Mälaren
Västerbron and Lake Mälaren from Riddarholmen. 

The boat is the ferry between Kungsholmen and Södermalm. They started this route only a couple of months before taking this picture
Reflections of Riddarholmen and Riddarholm Kyrka (the one with the needle made of lace) on the lake Mälaren. Photo from Söder Mälarstrand
Saltsjön and the ferry Slussen-Djurgården

Salstjön, from Slussen. The boat goes between Slussen and Djurgården, with a stop in Skeppsholmen. Some of the pictures of Gamla Stan and Skeppsbron were taken from it, and other pictures of Kastelholmen, Södermalm and Strandvägen​​​​​​​
A closer view of Skeppsbron in Gamla Stan from the ferry between Slussen and Djurgården

Friends (Gamla Stan from Skeppsholmen)

Stockholm is nicer when you enjoy it with your friends. Thanks for being with me in this trip. Skål. Cheers! Salud!

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